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At last, the ULTIMATE dreamwidth layout is complete!!! After downloading countless brushes and fonts, and going through pixiv and tumblr for hours, I have finally come up with the perfect banner featuring my wonderful girlfriend Alexis and I! I mean, this epic banner is totally worthy of the Chazz. Check out that picture of us in wedding outfits, I think it's foreshadowing something major here! Like maybe... an official wedding!

Ojama Yellow: But boss, you haven't even proposed to her yet!
Me: I'm working on it! I just need to.. find the right words, yeah, that's it!
Ojama Blue: You're inviting the three of us, right?
Ojama Green: You could even add mini figurines of us on your wedding cake!
Me: Dream on, losers! Alexis and I's wedding is going to be super romantic and picture perfect. That means YOU'RE not invited!
Ojamas: Oh man...

But anyway, today was a pretty awesome day. I finished season one of Adventure Time (even the Chazz likes to watch cartoons in his leisure time), worked awhile in Photoshop, and tomorrow I plan on studying Japanese and hopefully going to Gamestop to get Persona 4 Arena. The Chazz owns at fighting games.

Well stay tuned for another amazing entry by the great Chazz Princeton!
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It's the Chazz

Greetings, Slifer slackers! I, the great Chazz Princeton, have finally arrived! Hope you enjoy reading my blog and find my posts interesting. This is where I'll talk about my exciting life at Duel Academia, epic duels on Dueling Network (my username is chazzerine, add it for fun times), and my lovely romantic encounters with my beautiful girlfriend Alexis.

Ojama Yellow: But boss, what about telling everyone about your favorite duel spirits?
Me: Shut it, this is my blog. I didn't give you permission to talk!!

*Ahem* Anyway, my journey to become the world's best duelist starts here!


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