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At last, the ULTIMATE dreamwidth layout is complete!!! After downloading countless brushes and fonts, and going through pixiv and tumblr for hours, I have finally come up with the perfect banner featuring my wonderful girlfriend Alexis and I! I mean, this epic banner is totally worthy of the Chazz. Check out that picture of us in wedding outfits, I think it's foreshadowing something major here! Like maybe... an official wedding!

Ojama Yellow: But boss, you haven't even proposed to her yet!
Me: I'm working on it! I just need to.. find the right words, yeah, that's it!
Ojama Blue: You're inviting the three of us, right?
Ojama Green: You could even add mini figurines of us on your wedding cake!
Me: Dream on, losers! Alexis and I's wedding is going to be super romantic and picture perfect. That means YOU'RE not invited!
Ojamas: Oh man...

But anyway, today was a pretty awesome day. I finished season one of Adventure Time (even the Chazz likes to watch cartoons in his leisure time), worked awhile in Photoshop, and tomorrow I plan on studying Japanese and hopefully going to Gamestop to get Persona 4 Arena. The Chazz owns at fighting games.

Well stay tuned for another amazing entry by the great Chazz Princeton!

Date: 2012-08-16 10:16 am (UTC)
xkittenishx: my bf (Default)
From: [personal profile] xkittenishx
I love cartoons. :3 I plan on getting a 3DS XL soon. XD


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